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Service Products enables creating and maintaining your product warehouse. This service makes also possible to use other advanced functionality of the marketplace - such as E-shop or Shopping Windows.

Modules for this service

Actions,new productsActions,new products
Highlight your products. You can display new products or special offers on the first page of your e-shop. These product will be highlited by icons within shopping sections as well.
Priority viewPriority view
Priority view
Product TypesProduct Types
You can distinguish a particular product according to the colours, shapes, flavors,... (product patterns). There is a possibility to define your own product pattern.
Top ProductsTop Products
Display your product in marketplace's shopping windows among top products.
Product ComplementsProduct Complements
Assign to a product other products which are somehow connected with selected product and may interest the customer as complements.
Product SubstitutesProduct Substitutes
Assign to a product other products which are substitutes to selected product and may interest the customer as alternative choice.
Marketplaces ExportsMarketplaces Exports
Export your products in form of XML document into third party marketplaces.
Special product fieldsSpecial product fields
Define your own product properties. Every market has its own product attributes - for example wine products depends a lot on the year of production or country, for CD or DVD products is very important actor or director. Here you can create these specific fields for your industry and display them in your e-shop.
Multiple VATMultiple VAT
Use different TAX rates in for different products
Manage your products with powerful SQL database language, If you want to make changes to many products in one time then this is a very good choice.
Demand Product ListsDemand Product Lists
Create your product list and use them as demand lists, wishlists, purchase lists or purchase trade leads. Share these lists with your suppliers. Create various product lists from your product database - easy product exports and imports with Excel spreadsheets or XML.
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