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available business services

Create your own company or personal web pages.
prices from EUR 39 / year
trial: 1 months

Establish your own e-commerce solution.
Prices from EUR 49 / year.
trial: 1 months

Create 3D Web applications - 3D shops, 3D galleries etc.
Price: from EUR 33 per year

With service Marketplace you can add your products directly into marketplace product catalogue and make them open for searching and browsing on the allied marketplaces in selected world areas. Get more customers directed into your electronic shop.
Price is calculated from the unique visitors brought to your e-shop or website. Free trial.
trial: 0 months

Organise your business and knowledgebase - CRM contacts, projects, tasks, anniversaries, links, lists and much more. Mail campaigns marketing module.
Free in basic version. Prices from EUR 29 / year in Business version.
trial: 0 months

Service Products enables creating and maintaining your product warehouse. This service makes also possible to use other advanced functionality of the marketplace - such as E-shop or Shopping Windows.
Free service.

Create your own auction hall to sell and buy products in auctions. Our auction software enables you use modern and efficient sell/buy methods.
Price is calculated from the achieved profit. Free trial.
trial: 0 months

Photographic service for artists, models, photographers and other people interested in photography art and in photo presentation.
Price: from EUR 11 per year
trial: 2 months

Join existing auction and make your bids and offers there.
Free service.

Display link of your e-shop or internet service on our electronic marketplaces. The links are placed to required shopping section in selected areas in our e-shop catalogue.
Price is calculated from selected version of the service. Basic version is free.
trial: 0 months

Opportunity for business people, developers or managers - offer and implement any paid service to a company around you and get 11% of profit. Moreover you have priority to do the implementation work and get paid for that as well - if you do not feel for the implementation work no problem we do it and you get your percentage from profit anyway.
Free service

View your banner or text advertisement both on our marketplaces and worldwide.
Price is calculated from the selected campaign model. Free trial.
trial: 0 months

Blog down your ideas and experiences.
Free service

Trade Lead is service dedicated to wholesalers or manufacturers (B2B service). Manage your trading offers and display them in the B2B section of the marketplace.
Price is calculated from the achieved profit. Free trial.
trial: 0 months

Learn languages on-line. Free service.